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Freixenet's is a small kennel on the countryside just outside of Stockholm in Sweden.
 Our dogs are part of the family and  accustomed to children, horses and much hustle and bustle.
They have a big lawn to
play on and are used to long walks in the nearby forests and fields.
Dogs and horses have been my biggest interests during my life.
 Actually they have been taking up the most of my time.
I have been training and competing dressage horses up to high level. 
 I also used to have a small breeding of Golden Retriever for many years.
My first litter came 1990.
But now my time is occupied with American Cockers  expect for a coupled of
dressage training students.
My first Cocker litter came 2007.  My goal is to breed healthy,
beautiful Cockers of very good type and with strong movements.
With the best mentality and willingness to work. I will use the best bloodlines.
So welcome to my site! I hope you will enjoy it and please sign the guestbook.

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